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Ayodele Drum and Dance

February 14 - February 23, 2020

Chicago-based performing artist collective Ayodele Drum and Dance will be featured in a Shangri La Residency from February 14-23, 2020.  “Ayodele” is a Yoruba word that means “Joy in the home” and the sister-circle collective of performing artists fosters community from a feminine perspective through diasporic African drum and dance, using the artform to heal, educate and motivate in an unending circle firmly rooted in joy.  During the residency, the troupe will hold community workshops as well as public performances on February 20 at Shangri La and on February 22 at the Hawaii State Art Museum.  The Ayodele Drum and Dance residency is held in partnership with the Pōpolo Project and its Black Futures Month, the Hawaii State Art Museum and the PA’I Foundation.

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